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Information for international applicants

How do I apply as a foreign interest and which documents should I submit? - Please note that foreign students do not directly at the University of Halle Wittenberg. An application is only possible via "Uni Assist". Our "Application Guide" will provide further information. It also includes a listing of all required documents you need to submit.

What are the tuition fees for foreign students? - The University of Halle Wittenberg does not charge tuition fees. Exceptions are long-term tuition fees and second degree tuition fees of € 500 per semester. However, please note that administrative fees have to be paid by every student. These are currently at around 190 €.

How many apartments/rooms does the University provide for their foreign students? - The Student Union of the University of Halle Wittenberg has only a limited amount of student dormitories. The reason for that is the housing situation in Halle which is very comfortable. Finding an accommodation will not be a challenge in Halle.

What are the living expenses in Halle? How much money do I need? – It depends on how comfortable you want to live or what your standards are. We recommend at least 600€ per month. However, this does not include health insurance (which is mandatory for students in Germany). If your health insurance covers your stay in Germany depends on your country of origin and/or your insurance company. Please contact them for further information.

Do I need a visa or a residence permit for Germany? – This also depends on what country you are from. Please contact your Federal Foreign Office for further information.

What kind of German language skill-level is required?

In order to be accepted you DO need a proof of your German language skills (except courses taught in English). Therefore the following certificates are accepted:

DSH 2 examination

Test DaF certificate (at least level 4 in each area)

“Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung” of the Goethe-Institute

“Sprachdiplom” of the Goethe Institute

„Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz“ – Level 2

CAUTION: Certificates of the “Hartnackschule”, with the statement "equivalent to level C1 (=DSH 2)" will NOT be accepted as DSH-2!

Certificates of the “Dolmetscher Institut Münster” will NOT be accepted as Test DaF certificates.

What are my chances of being accepted for the course? - To make a prediction about your chances is impossible. The number of applicants varies each year. In addition, the chances to be accepted depend on many different factors that we need to determine in a complex process. So please understand that we cannot answer individual requests of this kind.

When does the application period end? – You can apply until April, 30th.

Can I apply for the summer and for the winter semester? – No, you cannot. Our program starts in the winter semester only (starting October 1st).

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